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200 Pcs 7.2cm, 2.84 Inch Soft Nerf Compatible Bullets for Nerf N-strike Elite Series Blasters and other Kid Toy Guns Fire Blaster, Safe for Kids


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  • Universal bullets, work for most nerf guns that accept standard elite darts, such as N-Strike Elite, Zombiestrike, Retaliator, Zombie Strike, Flip Furry, Side Strike, Warrior, Strongarm, Nite Finder EX-3, Modulus ECS-10 Blaster, Jolt, Stryfe, Rhino-Fire, Spectre Rev-5 Stealth, Modulus Recon MKII, Hammershot, Triad EX-3, Doominator, Crosscut, SlingFire, Episode VII Stormtrooper Deluxe, IonFire, Demolisher, Rampage, Alpha Trooper Mission, DualStrike, etc...
  • Every dart size is 7.2 cm x 1.2 cm (2.84 in x 0.51 in), Material: EVA, hollow with hole. Package includes 200 PCS darts.
  • Colors: Blue, Sky Blue, Purple, Yellow, Gray, Red, Orange, Green, Black
  • This Soft Head Series darts feature an innovatively designed head that is softer and safer than a common dart. Please don't aim at the companion's face, to prevent injury to the eye. Nevertheless, dart can hurt. Recommend age is 9+

Rules of conduct:
- Always use protective glasses and thick long-sleeved clothing. Do not leave more open areas of the body.
- Do not aim and shoot at people at close range in order to avoid injuries.
- Explain proper behavior and safety rules, enter the penalty for violations of Points - it will make the game much safer.