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Hover Go Kart Attachment Red

Hover Go Kart Attachment Red


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The MotoTec Hoverboard Go Kart attachment is the ultimate add-on, it uses the motor and balancing technology of your Hoverboard to accellerate, brake, turn and pop-a-wheelie while seated. It features handlebars, foot rests and a paded seat.<br><br>
Hoverboard not included, only shown in picture to show how it attaches.<br><br>
Max Size: 35x24x16 inches<br>
Min Size: 31x24x12 inches<br>
Kart Weight: 13 lbs<br>
Adjustable distance for Length: 4 inches<br>
Adjustable distance for Height: 4 inches<br>
Max Load: 200lbs<br>
Recommended Age: 13+ years old<br>
Box Size: 21x7x17 inches<br>
Box Weight: 15 lbs